Survival Class 2 | Advanced

The ancient knowledge of our ancestors

Advanced techniques of survival in nature

Even for this advanced course we stay at Schalklhof, sleep in the teepees and eat delicious meals as usual. We still learn below comfortable circumstances. Rather than being exposed to „brutal survival situations“ we teach new techniques which you then can practice by yourself at home, where you can adapt the level of difficulty.

Starting Fires

Fire drill with different kinds of wood from the forest, hand drill and other tinder materials

Everyday Tools

Throwing- and fishing spear, creating arrowheads out of bones, ropes out of animal tendons and plant fibre etc.


The basics of setting up traps

Knots & Rope Techniques

Indispensable knots and their usage in survival situations


Plants as nutrition and remedies and their usage in survival situations


It is required to attend the Survival Class 1 › since this course is based on it.

We'd like to draw your attention to the fact that our courses and seminars are usually held in german language! If, however, a high number of people book in who don't speak german, we are willing to hold a separate course for the respective group. In addition and independently from our program, it's possible to use our area for your very own seminars, meetings, workshops, events and much more!