Survival Class 1 | Basics

The ancient knowledge of our ancestors

The basic techniques of survival

This course is for people who want to learn more about living and surviving in nature. By learning the basic techniques of survival, we gain confidence and security in situations where we are confronted with nature and all forms of life. We experience that nature is our home and provides us with everything we need to survive. No fight for survival, but a gentle introduction into new dimensions of experiencing nature and yourself.Different to the cliches of „eating worms and playing Rambo“, we teach actual survival techniques based on millennium old knowledge. To be precise, it is called Naked Survival, which is basically surviving without modern tools. That doesn’t mean that we run around naked and that there are no meals, on the contrary: being well-fed with delicious meals from our Schalklhof-kitchen and taking advantage of its surroundings enable us to approach the topic survival gently. We also provide warm showers and toilettes (girls and boys separated).

Starting Fires

The simple art of starting fires with friction


The „nature bedroll“ enables us to survive without a fire and a modern sleeping bag

Finding Food

Learning about edible plants and an introduction to stalking and disguising

Everyday Objects

Spear, cooking devices, ropes out of plant fibers and more

Movement- and Perception Training

An introduction into the dimensions of senses and instincts

Useful information

This course is the basis for all courses and seminars of Native Spirit! Participating in survival class 1 is the first step of our education to be an indigenous nature- and wilderness trainer ›. It is also perfect for work outings etc. For companies and groups › we can arrange special dates. Teens 14 and up in attendance will also enjoy this course.

We'd like to draw your attention to the fact that our courses and seminars are usually held in german language! If, however, a high number of people book in who don't speak german, we are willing to hold a separate course for the respective group. In addition and independently from our program, it's possible to use our area for your very own seminars, meetings, workshops, events and much more!